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Server Pod Connectivity Test using WebEx

In this document you will find detailed instructions on how to conduct a remote server connectivity test using WebEx.

Log in to Webex

To start, we need to log in to WebEx's site. Please point your web browser at:


In the upper right hand corner, click the Host Log In link:

WebEx Login

When prompted, use the following trial account information:

WebEx User Name: ____________________
WebEx Password: ____________________
Assigned Server Name: ____________________

       (Note: User Names and Passwords will be supplied on request only)

And click Log In

If you get a page that asks you to set up WebEx Productivity Tools, please click Later.

Once you have successfully logged in, click the Support Center link in the menu bar:

WebEx Support Center

You may get a notice asking for permission to install an ActiveX control. If you do, please allow the installation.

You should see a list of available remote access hosts:

WebEx Remote Host List

Please find your assigned server in the roster and click the Connect link to it's right.

Wait for WebEx to pop up an Access Code dialog (see below):

WebEx Security Code

There is no access code for this machine so please just click OK

Next, you should see a Windows 2003 login prompt. You may have to maximize the window to see the whole session.

WebEx Successful Login

You can send a Ctl-Alt-Del to the remote session with the WebEx Tool Bar. Click the Down Arrow > Remote Session > Send Ctl-Alt-Del

WebEx Menu Bar

Please log in with the following credentials:

Windows User Name: ____________________
Windows Password: ____________________

       (Note: User Names and Passwords will be supplied on request only)

Once you have successfully logged in, please try some simple things and then log out of Windows.

Change Screen Resolution

You can change the size of your remote WebEx desktop through the WebEx Tool Bar. Look for this bar on your local machine desktop:

WebEx Menu Bar

Click the right-most (downward pointing) Arrow > View > Window to allow your remote desktop to be viewed in Window mode.

Ending You Session

Please log cleanly out of Windows via Start > Logoff > OK

Next, please end your WebEx session cleanly. To do that, use the WebEx toolbar. Click Downward arrow > End Remote Access Session to disconnect from your remote server. Click Yes to the End Session pop up.

WebEx Logout

Report Your Results

Please report your findings back to your account manager. Please report back any and all experiences including any successes, errors, issues, etc. All of this information will help us troubleshoot problems.

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or technical support contact - or, Contact Us here.