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From Training Centers

I meant to write this memo to you some time ago thanking you for having this wonderful service. As an IT professional with over 15 years experience in various platforms I find your labs especially helpful. Through the years and many classes of the standard Vmware training your labs are really superior. Most of the vmware courses are fairly short labs that do not always work with power-point lectures over a week. The course curriculum is not really designed for real world scenarios. Your labs allow folks to take the time and basically play with many functions for a longer time period at a reasonable price. I look forward to using your services again.
Michael F. / VMware Resiliancy Engineer
Does anyone have, or know of a talented VMWare trainer who has curriculum & labs.
Dawna S. / Operations Manager

Larry Karnis of ESXLab.com. I highly recommend him.

Olivia C. / President
New Horizons recommends ESXLab courseware for locations that want to deliver courses on VMware solutions using their own Instructors
Bryan O.
We have contracted with ESXLab a number of times and have always been more than happy with the results. Students consistently rate the courseware and instructors highly, often commenting that the instructor "really knows his stuff and that there is never any reading from the book". ESXLab provides high quality training at a reasonable price and are more than accommodating.
Alex M.
Last month, an emergency situation occurred, and I needed a trainer to teach a VMware class the following week. Our courseware vendor placed me in touch with Larry not only because he was a trainer resource, but because he actually authored the courseware we utilize.

After speaking with him, I felt confident engaging him for our assignment. In retrospect, every aspect of working with Larry was positive and results-oriented. He was quick to adjust to our unique situation, and our students rated his instruction and courseware as superb.

I personally appreciated Larry's integrity and desire to share his expert level of knowledge. I highly recommend Larry's courseware and training services to others
Jessica O.